Head vs Heart: what should I follow in my career?

I recently wrote an article titled Head vs Heart: what should you follow in your career? as part of my freelance blog writing role with Inspiring Interns. To be completely honest, it was a little difficult to write because of my situation. I freelance as a content writer and blog writer, and work for a charity, but I’ve been searching the depths of the editorial and publishing worlds since before I graduated last summer for career inspiration.

As I wrote the article, I began to challenge my views about these industries and attempt to tap into why I wasn’t getting a job. Was I not looking in the right places? Was I being too picky? I came to realise that I’ve actually been following my own advice – as highlighted in the article – without even realising it. I’d never planned to opt for any old job, even though at some low points I almost decided to just screw it, and go back to waitressing. I’d always planned to look for the roles that interested me the most: editorial jobs in publishing. I was definitely following my heart. But since then, I’ve developed great skills through my content writing job and through working at LAWA, that my career choices took a little detour.

I began to apply for Copywriting and Content Writing roles, jobs in Marketing and Social Media Management, because I came to realise that I had the skills necessary for these environments. Publishing was once an unattainable dream for me – albeit a short one – and now it has gone to the back of my mind. Do I see myself striving for a role in Publishing again? Maybe! But I know that now isn’t the right time for me. Publishing may not be the right route for me, and I know that now. Instead I’ve decided to tap into my current skills, develop them, and learn more through other roles relevant to my career goals.

So today I write this, having accepted my first full-time internship in Copywriting after applying for LOADS of jobs since the last stretch of my university career. I’ll be heading into the world of Digital Marketing, an industry I’d never heard of during the first stages of my job-searching endeavours. But here I am, ready to finally embark on my first real adventure into the world of work and see what’s out there for me.


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