Feeling good

I’m feeling seriously (and surprisingly) good today, and also very grateful.

Last night was Artney Festival held in Colima’s brewery, which also serves as a very cute beer garden and restaurant. (Perfect for dates, by the way.) I was looking forward to it of course, but yesterday was a ‘low’ day so it took a little while (and a couple beers) for me to get back into the swing of things. The company obviously helped a lot. Although I bumped into a few mates, I stuck with my Couchsurfer friend and our mutual French exchange friend. Both are seriously great, bubbly and enthusiastic; so it didn’t take me long to rid myself of negative energy from earlier on in the day.

I love live music, and this festival was exactly what I’d been searching for since I arrived. Mexican indie, rock, and electro. Seriously good stuff. I completely lost myself in the music, which is an incredible sensation. That’s why I love going to gigs and festivals. Even here where I hadn’t really listened to the bands much, I was completely immersed.

So after last night I was a little worried that I’d wake up low – I sometimes get like that mixed with a hangover – but I did a bit of yoga, had a green tea, showered, dressed up a bit and waited for a mate to pick me up. This guy is one of the first people I met in Colima through Couchsurfing. His partner is Ukrainian and out there they’re celebrating Easter now. So to share a bit of her culture, she cooked a lovely Easter breakfast spread for some friends. I didn’t know anyone apart from the couple but it was really lovely to meet new people.


¡Muchísimas gracias chicxs!

Being with this bunch of people made me realise that I love having friends of different ages. We ranged from 21 (me, the youngest) up to mid-30s. Not too old, I know. But here in Mexico, I’ve made a variety of friendships with different cultures, ages and ideals. It’s one thing I have to continue when I’m back in the UK.

I honestly had such a nice time and I really appreciate this couple for being so welcoming and open.

I Skyped a uni friend when I got back to the flat, and it made me realise just how lucky I am, and how amazing it is that I’m here in Mexico. I don’t think I give myself enough credit for what I’ve achieved living out here. Travelling, living alone, challenging myself with the language, challenging myself socially, to name just a few. Just deciding to do my Year Abroad in Colima is an achievement, and I never quite realised it.

So I’m in a seriously good, grateful and appreciative mood today. And I’m gonna try keep it that way.


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